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Tech that takes you forward

When things feel uncertain, we empower you to take the next step

What’s in a name?

Named after Harald Bluetooth, the Danish King that also inspired the tech that powers it, Contact Harald is a vital tool for businesses navigating the current and post COVID-19 world.

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Australian-born, available anywhere

Our specialist engineering and design teams are based in Sydney and Melbourne – but our tech is used all over the world.

While COVID-19 is only a couple of years into existence, we’ve been working in the world of Bluetooth® technology and proximity for close to a decade.

Our proven tech is used and trusted by governments and companies around the world.

In fact, millions of Contact Harald products are currently being used to enhance team safety and productivity throughout Australia, Europe, and the US.

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We go where you go

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Safety certainty for busy teams

Why choose Contact Harald?


We move quickly so you can take action and take care of your people. Our products are ready for shipping.


Enjoy expert help and support at every step. Our team of the specialists understand the complex, industry-specific challenges you face and how to create workable solutions for you.


Easy to impliment

Getting started is easy. All you need is your cards, an iPad and your login.



In an ever-evolving environment Contact Harald helps you adapt and implement industry best practice and processes quickly and easily.

Meet the team

Contact Harald is dedicated to future-focussed Bluetooth® technology that protects teams and enables business growth.

To do this, we’ve built an agile team made up of specialist technicians and business development professionals – each an expert in their respective field.

Based in Australia but with offices in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Singapore, we're well placed to support a global customer base across a diverse range of industries.

Nick O'Halloran, CFO
Business Development

With a background in business property, and an eight year stint as a professional racing car driver, Nick is highly experienced in fast moving, high risk environments. This knowledge and understanding coupled with a desire to change the world for the better led to a transition into Bluetooth® tech and business safety solutions. Nick is now the driving force behind business development at Contact Harald.

Matt Denton, CPO
Product & Technology

Having worked in product and tech for the best part of 30 years, Matt is our resident expert. As a former developer with Apple, Matt is focussed on better business solutions. Led by a desire to create exceptional consumer experiences Matt pushes the boundaries of innovation and technology to deliver products and services that benefit businesses and teams worldwide.

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We produce answers to the challenges faced by businesses globally.
Reach out to one of our Contact Harald representatives today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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