Always stay connected

Intelligent voice assistant

Always stay connected

A voice-powered intelligent assistant, Ask Harry connects you to your teams and critical business information with a simple call to Harry.

Ask Harry to find, locate or connect, using English, or in one of many languages.

Ask Harry takes voice communication to the next level. No complex systems or training needed.

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Search and upload information

According to a Deloitte report, 72% of employees said they still cannot find the information they need within their company's information systems.

This is in addition to the time wasted typing out and submitting forms on a daily basis.

Ask Harry solves productivity vacuums. With one phone call, Harry can access buried information or guide you through sending an update.

Enhance workplace communication

Harry enhances workplace communication making it simple and fast to connect a call, send a group message or log an important change.

Using artificial intelligence, Harry can also translate critical information into many languages, avoiding expensive misunderstandings and creating a more inclusive environment.

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Always up-to-date

Ready and easy access to the latest on- site information can mean the difference between a task running smoothly or disaster.

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Streamline and simplify

Call Harry on the two-way radio for the latest site update, a site plan or to connect you to a lead on site. With one source of truth, Harry simplifies access to the right information immediately.

“It is frustrating to be constantly filling in forms, and attempting to interpret my workers handwriting or manage errors”

Improve compliance

Minimise the time spent on compliance requirements and form-filling. Remove the pain of illegible handwriting, misplaced forms or long typed out messages. Harry can instantly fill in a hazard report, log a call, or a lodge a near miss.

“You'd be surprised how many times I've got to coax team members to fill out and hand in hazard reports. And it's not just the young guys; the older blokes also need constant reminders.”

Break through language barriers

Harry solves language obstacles with advanced speech processing technology, giving your teams greater levels of communication and collaboration. Say or write a message in English, Harry will translate it into one of the many supported languages.

“Non-English speaking tradies are great workers, but it can be hard to ensure they comply with reporting and understand inductions to keep them safe.”

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Ask Harry delivers better results


Built for real workplaces

The technology underpinning Harry will filter background noise to deliver exceptional results, even in the noisiest environments. If English is a second language, Harry can distinguish heavy accents, providing easy and inclusive access for all.

Real-world testing has shown that our technology delivers better voice cognition precision than Google, Amazon or other players.

Fast and accurate

Harry eliminates the inherent problems found with paper-based documentation. No more deciphering handwriting, crumpled forms or manual uploads to a spreadsheet.

Harry helps input data much faster using your voice than typing into a keyboard. Harry directly interfaces with your systems, ensuring fetched information is instant and significantly more accurate.

Instant alerts and notifications

In a dynamic and at times, dangerous environment it is vital that your personnel and external contractors are kept in the loop, with timely feedback and instant alerts.

At a granular level or at scale, Harry makes sending and receiving notifications via SMS easy and fast. Additionally, because messages are logged in the database, compliance is kept in check.

Minimal training or disruption

Harry fetches and updates information with one quick call, improving communication in the workplace.

Harry will progressively learn new commands the more your team uses the system, demonstrating new commands on the fly.

Industry specific


Built to fit industry


Harry  solves many challenges faced by a broad range of industries. The more you Ask Harry, the more useful the technology becomes.

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In the dynamic world of construction, Harry helps keep your teams up-to-date, connected and compliant with OH&S and operational policies. With many languages on site, Harry also bridges language communication issues.


Speeding up instant access critical to information, such as the whereabouts of fleet and assets, will have your personnel more productive throughout the day and improve the bottom line.

Mining and heavy equipment

Speed up documenting critical information and reduce potential errors when using small screens or tablets. If your team still uses paper, Harry can be integrated quickly and accessed with just a phone call.


When there is a critical issue, Ask Harry for an immediate status update, no matter where you are. Harry can also forward calls immediately, making sure you get through to the right person or group immediately. Stay compliant with a documented trail of events.


Keep your teams and contractors up-to-date, productive and compliant. With constant personnel
changes, swapping in and out on rotating shifts, Harry makes communication between teams, departments and managers fast and simple.


On location, crews and conditions are constantly changing. Ask Harry to instantly connect calls to the correct on- set crew, send messages to groups or access the latest call sheets. Harry also helps avoid disasters and delays due to missed critical change.

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Smart and robust technology

Ask Harry uses conversational artificial intelligence technology to understand your requests, no matter how you phrase it. Harry is also connected to many different data sources, including your own business systems, making sure you get relevant and up to date information instantly. Harry is as simple to use as making a phone call.

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Innovate with our team

Our team has delivered innovative tracking solutions for over a decade. We were the first to squeeze battery powered Bluetooth technology inside a credit card, and we constantly seek new ways to innovate to help provide solutions for you.

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Find Harry

Find Harry is our location and tracking technology, which integrates seamlessly with our Ask Harry technology. Ask us for more information on how this works.

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