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Sleep when I sleep

Save battery and remove any risk of false positives by enabling the card’s motion-sensor. This optional function puts the card to sleep when not in motion and increases the longevity of the battery life.

Long nine month battery life

9+ months of power within every [Accelerometer] card. No need to recharge, change batteries or worry about constant servicing.

No infrastructure needed

Our cards use Bluetooth low energy to connect with other cards. That means there’s no need for supporting infrastructure, WiFi, 4G, or GPS. Your signal will stay strong whether you’re deep underground or high in the mountains (up to 4,000m).

Low battery warning

Never worry about battery loss with our in-built battery alerts. As the cards near end of life (around the 8 month mark), a red LED light will flash on the card reminding you to organise a replacement. Battery life is also easily monitored and managed via our web-based dashboard which enables quick card identification and email reporting if required.

Dust and water resistant

Contact Harald cards are IP66 rated, designed to withstand water from all directions and provide complete protection against dust. The cards are ultrasonically sealed to provide a completely enclosed and sealed case, with no user-accessible access.

Custom integration

Sleek, wearable, powerful tech that integrates seamlessly. Each Contact Harald card has built in RFID access card technology so you can choose to integrate your cards into your current access card system. Chat to our team about how your existing HID, Gallagher, or other access card system can work with Contact Harald.

Rugged design – designed to last

With a rugged, PET hard-plastic casing, the Contact Harald cards are designed to withstand rugged environments. The cards are in use on building and construction sites, out on film shoots, underground in mines and up 4,000m above sea level.

Secure – no personal information stored

Contact Harald cards do not store personal information so you never have to worry about security if a card is lost or stolen. Designed with security in mind, card data is protected against decoding or reverse engineering. With rolling card encryptions that provide ultimate privacy and data protection, the only way to match an individual to a card is via the secure online database using the card’s unique QR-code.

Safe – no-tracking and no-locating

Our advanced military-grade AES encryption ensures the cards can’t be used to ‘follow’ an individual, or track their movements. The cards use a rotating proximity ID to de-identify the cards every 10 minutes, cloaking your ID as you move.

Long storage of data

Each card holds proximity records (for the last ten days or more) until such time that it’s unloaded. This is a quick and easy process that can be done manually or automatically via a gateway.

Fast performance options

When you need even better card response times you can choose to fine tune your system for lightning fast connection times.
*Fast performance may reduce average battery life.

Capture from 1m up to 8m

Capture proximity data at 1m, 2m and 4m distances with an option to turn on our ‘far out’ capture for distances of 8m or more.

*Note as distance increases, so too does the accuracy of the measurement.

Fast scan registration

Use our QR-code registration to promptly pre-register cards – without the risk of in-the-moment mixups.

Entry questions

Customise entry screening questions for staff and visitors. Simple Yes/No questions keeps entry simple and fast.

Create a custom welcome via SMS

Automatically generate a welcome SMS and / or email right after registration. Customise the message to suit your specific needs.

QR-code pre-registration

Take the trouble out of staff/guest registration with our QR code visitor registration Supply visitors or staff with a registration QR-code via SMS or email.

  • Visitors / team members pre-fill the entry questions
  • They show the QR-code sent to their phone and email on entry
  • Use the optional handheld QR-code scanner for even faster entry.

Bulk registration, sleep until ready

Pre-register cards in bulk, ready for multi staff distribution. Cards will sleep or ‘hibernate’, waking when the button is pressed and the cards are handed out.

First seen or ‘fleeting’’ contacts

Find out who has seen who – fast. Fleeting contacts will record a close contact as quickly as 30 seconds. Turn this option on or off, depending on your needs.

Walk through automation

Position your Gateway at entry points and access card areas to automatically connect and capture card proximity data as users walk past. With the potential to connect to cards up to 12m away, your Gateway provides an easy and instant approach to uploading.

Next level security

With five layers of security, our Gateways are designed to protect privacy and keep you secure. With encryption protection on every station, only authorised users can access the secure data.

Fast Gateway options

Our new Fast Gateways can capture data from up to five connections at a time. Designed to meet the demands of high-traffic areas, they’re ideal for workplaces looking for single-mode functionality.

Automatic software updates

Software updates are taken care of on the go with the help of our Gateways. Cards take just a few seconds to update as users walk by – so your cards stay current without any impact on time or convenience.

A multi-functional system

Tap into the full potential of your Gateway by using it as a registration device for new card users. For smaller start-ups the Gateway offers this function in addition to all of its foundational capabilities – saving you time and increasing your efficiencies.

Flexibility to suit different environments

Indoors, outdoors, on the floor or attached to the wall, our Gateway solution is flexible enough to match even the most challenging environments. Position your system to suit your workspace, site and team.

More than 40 configurable options

Configure your Gateway to suit your environment and needs by choosing from 40 different setting options.


The cards use Bluetooth® low energy and will see another card without any infrastructure. The cards do not need WiFi, 4G, or GPS to see other nearby cards. Our cards are in operation deep underground and high above the mountains at 4,000m.

Dust and water resistant

Every Beacon is IP66 rated, designed to withstand water from all directions and provide complete protection against dust.

Long-life, replaceable battery power

Every Beacon comes with long-life replaceable batteries with up to two years of power. No need for regular replacement or ongoing maintenance, just set, forget and check in every 18 – 24 months.

Capture proximity up to 8m radius

Accurately capture proximity data within an 8 metre radius to easily manage interactions within boardrooms, lunch spaces and common areas.

One central system

All your testing and tracing data within one easy-to-use platform. Manage, monitor and act with speed and accuracy using our integrated technology.

Rapid processing

When every minute matters, our Digital Rapid Antigen Test delivers results. With fast processing technology you’re alerted to positive or negative results in as little as 90 seconds.

TGA approved

Our digital tests are TGA approved and align with the international technical specifications outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Commission.

High sensitivity – results you can count on

Our Digital Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) identify the Omicron variant with a Nasopharyngeal Sensitivity of 95% and Nasal Specificity of 100% – so you can make safety decisions with certainty.

A complete solution

All Digital Rapid Antigen Test, and contact tracing data is securely stored on one easy-to-manage platform – giving you a full picture view of your business and team.

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