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Your COVID-19 contact tracing business and first line of defence for high-risk industries.

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What is Contact Harald & How Does It Work


Contact Harald is a contact tracing tool and visitor management system which prevents the spread of highly infectious diseases like COVID-19 within a business.

Built for corporate businesses, health, education and the service sector, the wearable will trace any visitor or employee who has come into contact with any affected employee using secure, wireless technology. No apps to download, no phone needed or charging required. Any data recorded will be deleted after twenty days to ensure employee privacy.

Why Contact Harald

  • 100% Privacy first solution
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Cost-effective and convenient
  • Quick to act


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Keep Your Industry Running With Contact Harald

Streamline your workplace and prevent site shut down within your large distribution industry with Contact Harald’s COVID-19 tracking & visitor management system.

Contact Harald is an efficient contact tracing business offering industries like yours the first line of defense against fast-spreading infections like COVID-19. Compared to most government-run tracing applications that can take up to a few days to provide a person with results, our visitor software can alert and isolate possible COVID-19 affected individuals in mere minutes, preventing a total shutdown of business operations and delays that could take days.

Contact Harald evolved with the high-risk business in mind, where business operations rely on the efficient work of their employees and person-on-person contact is unavoidable. This includes 24-hour running industries from hospitals and healthcare, education faculties, construction and mining sites as well as corporate offices. Deployed as a wearable lanyard, the Contact Harald card records card-to-card proximity to trace who has come in contact with another wearer and for how long. This allows business owners to privately manage the onboarding and protection of their staff, so they can react more appropriately to prevent an outbreak.

Contact Harald is also a secure, privacy-preserving visitor management software system, with HIPAA and GDPR compliances. Our contact tracking database will record who was in contact with any affected employee, up to three weeks prior. Contact Harald also features an easy send group SMS or emails to notify, check-in, and update features, giving business owners complete control over tracing data to better protect employee identity.


What Can Contact Harald Do For Your Business

Contact Harald is here to keep your industry running. Discover how our fast and efficient tracing efforts can get you back on track and contact us today.

You can find some of the industries that we can help out with our contact tracing cards;

Steamline crowd management and ensure a 2m radius of all staff and attendees
Discreetly identify and isolate Covid-affected employees or visitors on premises
Monitor site attendance for all contractors in real time, for a safer production site
Protect multiple teams with our easy-to-use contact tracing card and database
Promise a safe, welcome working environment for all patients and staff
Keep your student and staff details private and curb the pandemic with our easy-to-use card
Tighten security and safety of who’s entering and leaving the governmental premises
Optimise workflow while following social distancing regulations for staff and visitors on site
Know who is on site and track all check-ins to minimise the spread of airborne infections
Move back into regular work hours and meet mandatory safety regulations faster
Minimise the chances of operation delay with quick and reliable tracing
Ensure the safety of all working hands with our fast and discreet Covid-tracing alert
Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

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The solution that is keeping business going.

Australia Channel9 News have seen how Contact Harald is helping business stay operational. Their coverage is designed to help share how other business can protect themselves with Contact Harald.

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A local company is using new technology to help in contract tracing efforts to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.

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