Contact Tracing Education

Teachers, students, administrative staff and visitors can play an integral part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and following mandated social distancing protocols using Contact Harald’s fast-tracking wearable device. You can also book a demo from our site.

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Importance of contact tracing in Schools

Replace the paper check-in book, continue the safe opening of facilities and record who is on your campus at any given time!

Well-designed contact tracing for educational facilities like universities, TAFE and schools are essential for a safe, controlled reopening of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many close contacts between students, teachers and staff located in one place, an outbreak or COVID-19 can easily occur. Even more so as students and teachers consistently frequent different classrooms and communal grounds. It isn’t just students and staff at risk.

Contact Tracing Education

During after-school hours (going home), the following close contacts run the risk of spreading the virus to family members at home or unsuspecting individuals on public transport. Therefore, fast-performing contact tracing for schools can significantly play an important role in promoting the safety of staff and students, and the reopening of educational facilities.

Additionally, mandated social distancing in environments– schools, events and government buildings, where crowds and close contacts are a given, is challenging to follow in practice. Regularly keeping 1.5 metres distance between student and student is easier said than done. Most lockers for school supplies are less than a metre wide, no matter what age group, teachers benefit from in-person learning compared to online classes as not all subjects can be adequately taught on zoom meetings. Therefore, in an effort to sustain regular school attendance and operations, close contacts between persons are bound to occur.

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Contract Tracing in Schools

Coordinated actions combined with contact tracing in schools can lead to relaxing mitigation strategies and prompt decision-making. Should a student or staff member become infected with COVID-19, administrators are able to quickly, and discreetly react and isolate close contacts without shutting down operations, and close faculty buildings for decontamination. Educational facilities require a reliable and easy-to-use contact tracing for education devices that don’t disrupt regular school activities, while consistently monitoring social distancing requirements for all students, visitors and staff. This is where Contact Harald comes in.

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Why Choose Contact Harald

24/7 contact tracing and staff protection are what we do best!

Secure Private Database
Protect the identity of all students, onsite visitors and staff with our administrative-authorised database. Not shared with outside parties
Wearable BlueTooth-optimised device worn as a lanyard or clip-on.
Operations Run As Per Normal
Minimise “in-session” disruption. Allow students and staff to move freely as per normal.
Fast tracing
Close contacts registered under 2 mins and within a 2-metre radius. Information is uploaded to the secure database instantly.
Helping You Make Prompt Decisions
Pre-determine the spread of airborne viruses and mitigate the possibility of a complete school shutdown.
Cloud-Encrypted Technology
Better track check-ins and clock-outs of both students, staff and visitors using real-time data.

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How does Contact Harald Work?

Ready-to-use in minutes, Contact Harald is a useful contact tracing device worn as a lanyard or clipped onto a shirt collar, or belt. In two minutes, the fast-acting device records card-to-card proximity between students, teachers and administrative staff within a two-metre radius as well as the length of time. This encourages students and staff to move around school grounds freely and sustain “in session classes” without disruption and being constricted to separated desks.

Contact Harald secures data using state-of-the-art Bluetooth® wireless technology without the use of unreliable check-in apps. Our private management software requires only the name of a student, visitor or staff member, their phone number and email address, and designed to be integrated inbuilt visitor management software. All Contact Harald cards and card data upload are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

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Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

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