Contact Tracing For The Energy Sector

Protect the well-being of on-site employees and the community against COVID-19, and maintain the reliability of essential operations with Contact Harald’s contact tracing card and cloud-encrypted database- made for the energy sector, government offices and the event industry.

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Importance of electricity, oil & gas industry contact tracing

Whether it’s electricity or an oil plant, implementing logistically sound contact-tracing solutions are paramount in minimising the risk of facilities being potential sources of infection to the community, and keeping the health of on-site employees at the forefront.

However, finding a utilities contact tracing tool that efficiently traces on a large-scale without disrupting operations within an essential industry is easier said than done. With the energy sector comes responsibility. While wearing masks and gloves when completing off-site tasks has contributed to minimising the spread of COVID-19, executing risk maintenance strategies and sticking with mandated social distancing regulations still present several challenges.

Ensuring that employees and administrative staff check in through paper logbooks and having their temperature checked is an unreliable method to monitor close contacts. Enforcing the over 1-metre distance per employee and one-way paths at stations is also impractical. Close contacts, as a result, are inevitable as not all jobs are stationary. Additionally, employees rely on person-to-person interactions and shared equipment to maintain business continuity.

Contact Tracing for Energy Sectors

Supervisors are most likely to discover a contractor is infected until the next day or several days later. Therefore, putting all employees, administrative staff and the community at risk to the increasing spread of COVID-19 due to the handling of tools, and travelling required. Additionally, energy sectors are slower to adapt to existing, high-tech mobile-app check-ins.

For contact tracing in energy sectors to be successful, simplicity is of the utmost importance. Supervisors across all electricity, gas and oil industries require an energy sector contact tracing tool and an employee management software that is easy to use. Utility contact tracing should also be able to seamlessly integrate across all facilities, require minimal staff training, meet the industry’s unpredictable nature, and allow for flexibility when monitoring for close contacts.

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Why Choose Contact Harald

24/7 contact tracing and community protection are what we do best!

Secure Cloud-Encrypted Database
Better protect employees, visitors and customers with our management-authorised database.
Quick to integrate
Unobtrusive BlueTooth card with accompanying three-step registration. Wear as a lanyard or clip-on.
Encourages business-as-usual operations
Minimise on-site disruption and allow employees to move freely as per normal.
Efficient tracing
Close contacts registered under 2 mins and within a 2-metre radius. Information instantly uploaded to a private database.
Helping you act quickly
Mitigate the complete shutdown of site operations, and prevent essential service delays for all off-site tasks.
Cloud-encrypted technology
Better track check-ins and clock-outs of both people and assets using BlueTooth technology.

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How does Contact Harald Work?

Protecting essential businesses from the spread of infectious airborne viruses, the Contact Harald card traces in minutes to prevent a complete shutdown of energy maintenance and operations.

This unobtrusive and easy-to-integrate tracing tool can be worn as a lanyard or clipped onto clothing. Within two minutes, the wearable can accurately record card-to-card proximity between all staff on-site and visitors within a two-metre radius and for how long. This allows staff to move around the site freely and maintain business operations and prevent service delays. This fast-acting wearable uses secure state-of-the-art Bluetooth® wireless technology to record close contacts without the requirement of unreliable check-in apps.

All Contact Harald cards, card data upload and registration systems comply with HIPAA and GDPR regulations to guarantee the utmost privacy of your staff and visitors.

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Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

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