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Hold award ceremonies, business functions, cricket games, music performances to TED-ed talk shows with Contact Harald’s wearable BlueTooth lanyard. An all-in-one contactless tracing solution that effectively minimises the spread of airborne viruses among mass gatherings for the event industry, schools and government facilities. Adhere to government capacity requirements and traceability using data-driven technology and seamless, state-of-the-art communication.

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Importance of Contact Tracing For Event Industries

For event industries like music and entertainment agencies to sports arenas, mass gatherings, and close contacts of attendees over a short period is unavoidable. With state-of-the-art contact tracing, event organisers can break and manage the cycle of a crisis by efficiently enabling, identifying and containing new infections before a newly infected staff member, guest or attendee can spread the disease to others.

A Successful Contact Tracing Solution

While we have seen many innovations since the beginning of the pandemic, accurately tracing mass gatherings and events and entertainment staff poses several challenges. From a capacity standpoint, the number of close contacts within mass gatherings could include every person present. Following social distancing regulations for mass seating and waiting in the line is next to impossible. Tasks are going on simultaneously. A high level of inaccuracy to pinpoint where close contacts occurred is possible.

Mobile app contact tracing tools are also insufficient to accurately record close contacts, as they rely on strong cellular connectivity. Contact tracing for events also poses privacy issues. Major studios and entertainment agencies are required to be extra-protective over their personal data and information. A contact tracing wearable like Contact Harald is by far the smartest, safest and most efficient way to minimise the spread of COVID-19 without impacting regular operations and ensure the privacy of staff and attendees alike.

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Why Choose Contact Harald

Private & Secure
Better protect the identity of your visiting guest speakers, on-shift staff and attendee with our business-authorised database. Not shared with outside parties
Trace all attendees in real-time
Trace all visitors who check-in-and check-out with a card and an easy three-step registration.
Efficient Tracing
Close contacts of attendees and staff are registered under 2 mins and within a 2-metre radius. Information uploaded to your private database.
Helping you act quick
Isolate and treat only when necessary. Pre-determine the spread of airborne viruses to mitigate the complete shutdown of event operations.
Easy to implement
Register, wear and go! Our encrypted database can be implemented within your business within minutes. No need for a software rehaul.

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How does Contact Harald Work?

Protecting industries with the spread of COVID-19. One card, built to perform and contact trace in minutes!

Designed to prevent complete operation shutdown and event cancellations, the Contact Harald tracing tool can be worn as a lanyard or clipped onto clothing. In under two minutes and within two-metre proximity, it can quickly and accurately record card-to-card proximity between event staff and attendees and for how long. Easy to adopt into your entertainment industry with no expensive software integrations needed. The wearable also utilises secure top-of-the-line Bluetooth® wireless technology to record close contacts for more efficient contact tracing. No unreliable apps required! Our contact tracing for events requires only a simple three-step to sign up, ensuring the privacy of all guest speakers, staff and attendees alike and ideal for everyday use.

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Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

How to register

Our secure and private registration system, card data upload and Contact Harald cards are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. All information of an affected employee within our system will be saved up to 20 days before deletion. COVID-19 updates are sent privately via SMS or email notifications.

Step 1: Wear and start being protected with Contact Harald instantly

Step 2: Identify and alert event staff, guest performers and attendees who were at risk post a reported COVID-10 case

Step 3: Ensure a performance runs on schedule and keep businesses running through times of uncertainty

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