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Tighten your administration, closely monitor close contacts using real-time data and encourage prompt decision-making to minimise the spread of COVID-19 with Contact Harald’s government contact tracing device. You can also book a demo from our site.

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Importance of government contact tracing

Whether it’s a court of law, public infrastructure, international embassies, the senate or any other government faculty building, minimising the spread of airborne viruses like COVID-19 is crucial to mitigating the disruption of essential government operations.

Nevertheless, consistent contact tracing within crowded environments like governmental office buildings, entertainment centres and educational facilities are host to many issues. Execution of proper social distancing regulations can be almost impossible in these industries.

With thousands of visitors, administrative staff and security entering and leaving the premises daily, monitoring close contacts are easier said than done. Other times, people are standing in queues and staff moving between different government sectors, moving through several security screenings or at the reception desk signing in.

Government Contact Tracing

When it comes to implementing social distancing techniques, government sectors have the most difficulty. Mobile app government contact tracing tools, frequent thermometer checks and plexiglass screens at check-ins are far too impractical to implement as they constantly disrupt workflow and constrict free movement around the premises. Additionally, close contacts are inevitable as security checks like body pat-downs are crucial to better the safety and protection of all on-site staff and visitors. Furthermore, not only is in-person communication essential in the efficient running of government operations, but ensuring the privacy of all attending staff and visitors, and government officials is a top priority.

Government sectors have to be extra vigilant in finding a contact tracing solution. This industry requires a fast-acting device and accompanying visitor management software that can 100% secure private information, allows all personnel to move freely through all departments, and consistently monitor all close contacts of staff and on-site visitors using real-time data. This is where Contact Harald’s government contact tracing solution comes into play.

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Why Choose Contact Harald

Pre-determine the spread of COVID-19 and successfully monitor all close contacts between, visitors, staff and security using real-time data.

Quick To Deploy
Read to wear and operate in a matter of minutes.
Encrypted & Secure Database
Manage and monitor all visitor, staff and security check-ins with our cloud-encrypted database. Backed using real-time data.
Simple & Easy to Use
Unobtrusive wearable operated using Bluetooth wireless technology.
Get Ahead Of A Crisis
Predict and prevent the spread of infection to better minimise the possibility of operation delays and shutdown.
Simple three-step registration and database designed to be integrated with your visitor tracking system.
Close contacts registered under 2 mins and within a 2-metre radius. Information uploaded to your secure and private database instantly.

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How does Contact Harald Work?

If you’re after a more efficient check-in system for all visitors and staff, Contact Harald’s wearable card is a fast and effective solution that pairs the wearable proximity of detecting cards worn by governmental personnel within a two-metre radius and a two minute time frame. This information is instantly uploaded to a secure, encrypted contact tracing platform controlled by government administration.

It isn’t shared with third parties, ensuring the privacy of all visitors and staff.

This ‘contactless’ solution sees cards issued to all on-site, with each person issued and registered to a card and an additional card for visitors linked to their contact details. This allows everyone to move freely between various buildings, sustain regular security screening and prevent operational delays. Contact Harald can be integrated into any management system and uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to record close contacts—no more unreliable check-in apps.

All cards issued to comply with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, with no personal information stored on your encrypted system.

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Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

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