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Looking to safeguard your aged care and healthcare facilities? Ensure the security of your hospital staff, caretakers, patients and visitors with Contact Harald’s easy-to-use and fast-performing BlueTooth card and encrypted software management system.

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Importance of Hospital Contact Tracing

While mandated social distancing has received considerable press and praise throughout communities, it’s implementation within frontline industries such as aged care, healthcare facilities and hospitality has posed several challenges. Given the myriad of clinical interactions and close contacts that occur between multiple teams, residents, patients and visitors, preventing the transmission of airborne viruses like COVID-19 is more difficult to execute.

It’s imperative for healthcare workers, nurses and doctors to interact with each other to successfully treat patients and residents and extended isolation and restrictive social distancing regulations proves detrimental to the mental health of aged residents. Clinical workrooms and waiting rooms within aged care and healthcare facilities are often crowded, and rely on computer inventories to manage the ‘check-in’ of all staff, residents, patients and visitors. This makes social distancing even more difficult to implement.

A Successful Contact Tracing Solution

  • The following frontline industries therefore require a fast-acting health and hospitals contact tracing solution that allows their staff to conduct routine clinical care from sign-outs, multidisciplinary rounds without endangering the health and welfare of their residents and patients while following mandated social distancing regulations. A successful contact tracing solution should also include the following:
    • Efficiently integrate within their sign-in inventory
    • Fast-acting and accurate
    • Prevent physical injury to patients and residents
    • Allow healthcare and aged care workers to conduct clinical care without disruption
    • Can be deployed instantly


    This is where Contact Harald shines!

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Why Choose Contact Harald

Contactless check-in for staff & visitors
No unnecessary mobile apps needed. Visitors are registered against a Contact Harald card i instantly input in our encrypted database.
Secure Database
Private, secure database designed to be integrated into you visitor and staff management software. No additional software required.
Quick to Act
Contact Harald’s specially-made card is always-on and records card-to-card proximity between close contacts in 2 minutes. Pre-determine the spread of COVID-19 before complete shutdown of operations.
HIPAA Compliant
Privacy preserving registration system and card data upload is compliant with HIPAA and GDPR regulations.
Designed for healthcare & aged care
Comes as an unobtrusive identification card that can be worn as a lanyard or clipped onto clothing to minimise patient distress, and allow for more flexible movement to ensure residents and patients receive adequate care.
Real-time data
Contact tracing workplace solution features a privacy-preserving registration system and card data upload.

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How does Contact Harald work?

Contact Harald is a useful contact tracing wearable designed for healthcare and age care facilities that can be discreetly clipped onto clothing or worn as a lanyard. Designed to pre-determine the spread of COVID-19 and protect patients, residents and staff while ensuring mandated effective social distancing regulations, and maintain adequate clinical care. This easy to deploy card and accompanying visitor management software can be easily integrated into their current visitor check-in systems, and uses high-performing Bluetooth® wireless technology to more accurately download card-to-card proximity between visitors, healthcare staff and patients within a two-metre radius and for how long in minutes.

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Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

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