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Business as usual? Reap the benefits of a more reliable check-in system for all of your guests and staff, while upholding privacy regulations with Contact Harald’s contact tracing wearable- for the hospitality, education, corporate offices and healthcare industries.

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Importance of contact tracing for Hospitality Industries

Full-proof contact tracing for the hospitality sector and other large-scale industries with multiple members of staff should be of the utmost importance. Such establishments have a high degree of interaction among guests, staff and workers. With such frequent activity within the hospitality industry, close contacts and the possible spread of COVID-19 is inevitable.

Aspects such as the lodging of guests, various hospitality services from food and beverage, cleaning, activity organization, and their unique interactions specific to these establishments (guest-guest, guest-staff, and staff-staff) require even more attention.

Industries like the hotel, restaurant, catering, and tourism administration, have their own varying action plans tailored to controlling the pandemic in accordance with local governments. Mandated social distancing regulations and preventative measures however are difficult to implement due to the frequent person-to-person contact. For example, traditional logbook check-ins and guest lodgement are too impractical and are unable to accurately track close contacts in real-time.

Contact Tracing for the Hospitality Industry

Introducing new mobile contact tracing for hospitality industries, and having to train all on-boarded staff into new tracing management systems can disrupt workflow. Management teams may also not have the adequate resources to monitor and quickly act against possible transmissions.

Hospitality contact tracing, as a result, should take the nature of the industry into consideration. Management teams, departments and guests require a systematic and easy-to-integrate system that doesn’t compromise the privacy of guests and staff without disrupting business operations. Contact tracing should also allow hospitality industries to monitor close contacts on a large scale, allowing management teams to react promptly to safeguard employee health without shutting down entire teams. Precision contact tracing is vital for preventing the fast spread of COVID-19 and ensuring staff and guests receive adequate care sooner.

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Why Choose Contact Harald for Hospitality Contact Tracing

Contactless check-in for guests
No unnecessary mobile apps needed. Guests are ‘checked-in’ by being registered against a Contact Harald card that is instantly inputted in our encrypted database.
Secure Database
Replace paper logbooks with our secure cloud-based database- designed to be integrated into existing employee and guest management software.
HIPAA & GDPR Compliant
Ensure the utmost privacy of your guests and staff with our secure registration system and card data upload.
Contact tracing for large-scale scenarios
Comes as an unobtrusive identification card that can be worn as a lanyard or clipped onto clothing to minimise physical contact, and allow for flexible movement to allow business as usual operations.
Non-disruptive Integration
Contact Harald's wearable tracing tool is the size of an identification card. Self-contained devices are easily matched with an employee, contractor, or visitor.

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How does it work?

Large-scale contact tracing is where we shine! Ready to be deployed among all worksites instantly, Contact Harald is a large-scale COVID-19 tracing tool that can easily be deployed in all sectors of the hospitality industry and used among staff and guests at any given time. Using high-performing Bluetooth® wireless technology, the wearable accurately downloads card-to-card proximity between staff and guests within a two-metre radius without disrupting person-to-person operations and preventing a complete site shutdown. Implementation is a quick, three-step registration requiring name, phone number and email address- information management teams already possess. Trusted by leading businesses around the world.

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Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

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