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Want to pre-determine the spread of airborne viruses? Respect employee privacy and allow business hours to run as per normal with Contact Harald’s discreet, fast-acting contact tracing wearable for corporate offices, government and energy sectors.

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Importance of contact tracing for workplaces

Bringing employees back to the office amidst a pandemic comes with risks. Close contacts among employees, administrative staff and managers over a short period of time is unavoidable. Additionally, executing mandated social distancing regulations including frequent temperature screening, enforcing all employees to wear masks and implementing contactless technologies has its own impracticalities. Therefore, it’s imperative for managers to use systematic contact tracing for offices that allows higher-ups to act fast and ensure employees across all departments stay healthy. Managers of corporate offices have a duty to prevent the spread of airborne viruses. To successfully reduce close contacts and help employees receive adequate care sooner, corporate workplaces need to implement more practical contact tracing measures.

A successful contact tracing solution for industrial environments should include the following:

A Successful Contact Tracing Solution

  • Doesn’t disrupt employee productivity
  • Respects employee privacy is fast-acting and efficient
  • Can be deployed instantly with minimal training and disruption
  • Allows employees the flexibility to move around and work their usual day to day operations
  • Allows managers to lookout for close contacts in real time
  • Pre-determine the spread of COVID-19 so managers can respond quickly
  • Can allow managers to quickly and discreetly isolate those infected in certain departments without shutting down complete office operations
  • Allow higher-ups to follow government social distancing regulations of 1.5m apart

Why Choose Contact Harald

Private & Secure
All staff interactions and close contacts are stored anonymously. List of exposed employees is discreetly generated when symptoms are reported.
Fast-acting and effective
Using real-time data, Card to card proximity is recorded within a fast 2-minute turnaround. Employee interaction and close contact occur when employees are within 2-metres of each other.
Real-time data
Features smart, Bluetooth® wireless technology to more accurately record close contacts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Secure database
Coworker interactions are recorded, secured and stored on a manager-run database. Designed to be integrated with existing business employee management systems.
Quick to deploy
Wearable is the same size as an identification card. Self-contained device is easy to distribute and work out of the box for all employees and visitors.
HIPAA and GDPR compliant
Contact tracing workplace solution features a privacy-preserving registration system and card data upload.

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How does Contact Harald work?

Ready to be deployed among all departments instantly, Contact Harald is a useful and easy-to-use contact tracing wearable that can be discreetly clipped on to clothing or worn as a lanyard. No unnecessary apps and additional software integration needed. Protecting the privacy of all staff, visitors and management and utilising high-performing Bluetooth® wireless technology, the wearable can efficiently and accurately download card-to-card proximity between coworkers within a two-metre radius and for how long in minutes.

As a result, the card allows staff and visitors to continue business operations and move between departments as per usual, maintain employee productivity and prevent the complete shutdown of business operations. To ensure the privacy of all wearers, implementation features a quick, three-step registration process requiring the name, phone number and email address of an employee or visitor- information business management already possesses. Keep your business running and prevent the possibility of going out of business with Contact Harald.

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

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