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Ensure the safety of all on-site pickers against airborne viruses, follow government social distancing protocols, and prevent the complete shut down of business operations with Contact Harald’s wearable contact tracing tool and state-of-the-art database.

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Importance of Contact Tracing For Warehouses

Warehouses and picking distribution centres are especially at risk of a potential outbreak of airborne viruses like COVID-19 within their business. It isn’t just their employees and staff that are vulnerable, but customers are just as likely to get infected from coming into contact with a contaminated package. This is where reliable contact tracing solutions play a significant role in staff safety and picking productivity.

All those involved in producing, picking, packing and delivering goods to regularly maintain supply chain continuity will, at some point in the day, will come into close contact with another colleague, a customer or both.

Pick Packing Contact Tracing

Consistent contact tracing within industrial settings like warehouses, construction sites as well as mining, are host to many issues. Execution of proper social distancing regulations is easier said than done. Ensuring that all employees and administrative staff check-in and have their temperatures taken is an unreliable method to adequately monitor who has been in contact with which employee and for how long. Enforcing the over 1-metre social distancing rule, creating one-way paths of movement and using plexiglass screens along the production line to better protect employees is also impractical as not all jobs are stationary.

Most importantly, warehouse management staff are most likely to discover a staff member is infected until the next day or several days later. Therefore, putting all employees, administrative staff and eventually customers at risk to the increasing spread of COVID-19 due to the constant handling of goods from the production line, picking to delivery. It is imperative for warehouses to find a reliable and easy-to-use pick packing contact tracing solution that doesn’t disrupt picking productivity and shift cycles, while consistently monitoring social distancing requirements of all staff. This is where Contact Harald comes in.

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Why Choose Contact Harald

24/7 contact tracing and staff protection are what we do best!

Secure Private Database
Better protect the identity of your visiting guest speakers, on-shift staff and attendee with our business-authorised database. Not shared with outside parties
Unobtrusive BlueTooth card with accompanying three-step registration. Wear as a lanyard or clip-on.
Let employees move freely
Minimise on-site disruption and allow employees to move freely as per normal.
Fast tracing
Close contacts registered under 2 mins and within a 2-metre radius. Information uploaded to your secure and private database instantly.
Helping you act quick
Pre-determine the spread of airborne viruses. Mitigate the complete shutdown of picking operations and delivery delays for all on-site shifts.
Cloud-encrypted technology
Better track check-ins and clock-outs of both people and assets using real-time data.

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How does Contact Harald Work?

Protecting industries from the spread of COVID-19, how does one card, built to perform and contact trace in minutes manage to prevent the complete shutdown of producing and picking operations?

Unobtrusive and ready-to-use in minutes, Contact Harald is a useful tracing tool that can be worn as a lanyard or clipped onto clothing. Within two minutes, the wearable can quickly and accurately record card-to-card proximity between pickers and administrative staff within a two-metre radius and for how long. This allows staff to move around the site freely and maintain the supply chain without being constricted to ‘one-way’ paths and plexiglass screens. This fast-acting wearable uses secure state-of-the-art Bluetooth® wireless technology to record close contacts without the requirement of unreliable check-in apps.

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Keep your people safe, and their data safer

Keep your people safe, and their data safer

No personal information is stored in the card. All proximity information is deleted after 20 days.

Pick Packing Contact Tracing Solution

Our pick packing contact tracing solution only requires a quick, three-step system that requires an employee’s name, phone number and email, information warehouse management already possesses. This ensures the privacy of all employees, making Contact Harald ideal for everyday use.

Our secure and private registration system, card data upload and Contact Harald cards are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. All information of an affected employee within our encrypted system will be saved up to 20 days before deletion. Should an employee be infected, COVID-19 updates are sent privately via SMS or email notifications to close contacts, allowing management to act quickly without having to shut down production entirely.

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