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Experience the future today
and Test Drive Ask Harry on us!

Experience how AI can add value to your business

Integrate Ask Harry into your daily routines, workflows, and projects and explore your selected Ask Harry features with your team on us for 2 weeks. Throughout this period, take advantage of Ask Harry’s capabilities, experiment with its functionalities, and gather feedback from your team members. At the end of your period, receive your data insights and usage analytics. Evaluate the impact of Ask Harry on your productivity, efficiency, and overall workflow.

Simplify your safety protocols with Ask Harry’s Take-5 feature. Easily conduct risk assessments before starting tasks, ensuring a safer work environment for you and your team.
Report a Hazard
Empower your team to contribute to a safer workplace with Ask Harry’s Report a Hazard feature. Quickly and efficiently report hazards or potential risks, helping prevent accidents and injuries.
Fatigue Risk Self-Assessment
Prioritise your team’s well-being with Ask Harry’s Fatigue Risk self Assessment. Encourage reporting and guidance to manage fatigue effectively, avoid safety issues and enhance productivity.
Daily Diary
Stay organised and productive with Ask Harry’s Daily Diary feature. Keep track of your tasks, and prioritise activities effortlessly with our voice activated agent, ensuring all entries are captured and supervised accordingly.
Feedback and Suggestion
Your input matters! With Ask Harry’s Feedback and Suggestion feature, share your thoughts and ideas to encourage employee engagement and help business improve.

Step 1: Select features

Test Drive in 3 easy steps

Incident Report

Harry understands you, however you say it:
• Incident report please
• Submit an incident report
• Send in my incident report
00:00 / 01:04


Harry understands you, however you say it:
• Take-5 please
• I want to complete a Take-5
​• Yeah, do a Take-5
00:00 / 01:04

Unlock the power of voice activated Artificial Intelligence in your everyday business.

Contact us to book your Test Drive today

Observation and Daily Diary

Harry understands you, however you say it:
• I want to file an Observation
• Submit an observation
• Observation report please
00:00 / 01:04

Fatigue and

Harry understands you, however you say it:
​• I want to file an fatigue report
• Submit a self-assessment
• Fatigue and self-assessment report please
00:00 / 01:04

Feedback and Suggestions

Harry understands you, however you say it:
• I have a suggestion
• I have a great idea
• Feedback please
00:00 / 01:04

Voice-based AI Assistant

Intelligent voice
Always stay connected

Ask Harry is a voice-powered intelligent assistant, it connects you to your teams and critical business information with a simple call to Harry.


Ask Harry to find, locate or connect, using English, or in one of many languages. Ask Harry takes voice communication to the next level. No complex systems or training needed.


  • Answer

  • Answer

  • Answer

Hazard Report

Harry understands you, however you say it:
• Send in my Hazard Report
• Submit a Hazard
• I have just seen a Hazard
00:00 / 01:04

Ask Harry Test Drive – Quick Guide

Step 2: Register up-to 5 users instantly

Sign up for your free Test Drive and register up to 5 users who will participate. Ensure that your team members are ready to experience the benefits of Ask Harry firsthand.

Step 3: Receive your info pack

Once registered, you’ll receive an info pack with instruction videos and personalised support throughout the process.

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