Harry, file a hazard, odd engine sound. High priority, send to my manager

conversational ai

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Harry, send me the latest site plan for 33 George Street

Intelligent Digital Assistant

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Package 26 located

Fleet management

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Potential hazard, needs immediate attention


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Harry, where is excavator J4


Ask Harry for help

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Truck 16 delay, 48 minutes

REAL TIME Asset Tracking

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Harry, where is the camera gimbal case

tech solutions for industry

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Manage risk, optimise work flows, improve communication

Keep track of everything important to your operation, with customisable, technologically advanced solutions.

Asset tracking, monitoring and management

Enhance inventory visibility, equipment uptime, worker safety and much more, with a wide range of cost effective, location technology options.

Voice operated and AI powered digital assistant

Optimise business communication accuracy and speed of reporting and overcome language barriers with smart technology designed for the workplace.

Contact tracing and safety management

Manage workforce safety and business risks, with secure, privacy enhanced wearable tech; without the need for an app or extensive training.

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See the big picture

Find Harry location tracking platform provides visualisation tools to help you identify issues before they become a problem. Streamline business processes and help prevent workplace incidents.

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Access the information you need instantly

Ask Harry voice-based assistant provides instant access to crucial operational information, with one call.

Using AI technology, remove barriers to create fast and effective communication.

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Trace with confidence

Wearable technology provides real-time reporting to help safeguard your workforce and maintain productivity.

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Key features

The table indicates product descriptions, the technologies utilised and a handful of attributes. Standalone or combined, Contact Harald's products provide excellent opportunities for businesses globally.

Find Harry

Ask Harry

Trace Harry

A customisable suite of asset tracking / fleet management and business optimisation tools.

An intelligent digital assistant, designed for workplaces (voice or chatbot interface).

Privacy enhanced, data secure, contact tracing and safety management devices.

GPS | Bluetooth | 2G | 4G | WiFi | LoRaWAN | Visual Dashboards

Natural language processing| Artificial intelligence| Machine learning

RFID | Bluetooth tags, beacons and gateways

  • Visualise fleet routes, analyse idle times, uncover optimisation opportunities and increase the bottom line
  • Monitor mobile plant or equipment and find new ways to enhance ROI
  • Movement sensors and automated alerts assist in keeping track of tools and equipment after hours or in remote locations
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  • Report site hazards with one phone call and send notifications to all teams
  • Instantly notify site teams with the right information as conditions change
  • Save time and minimise errors caused by miscommunication
  • Access operational information in your preferred language
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  • A stand alone, fully encrypted solution for securely managing safety and compliance in close proximity environments
  • Rugged IP66 hardware, able to be integrated with multiple card access platforms
  • Low energy consumption, 'set and forget' technology that requires minimal operator and management training
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