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Get the job done efficiently with voice

Ask Harry is a voice-based intelligent assistant.

Our voice-based assistant provides on-site workers with a hands-free, voice-activated way to stay safe on the job. Use natural language to find people, equipment or documents. Harry can also file a hazard report, send a group message, fill in a form or look up the status of a project.​

Voice-based intelligent services


Hazard and incident reports

Humanise reporting with voice. Report a hazard or incident five faster than typing on a small keyboard.  Use AI conversation to fill in forms, increase engagement and reduce errors.


Call connections

Connect to the right people on-site.  Ask Harry to connect you to a team member, a site location or setup an instant group call. Keep your business flowing with faster communication. 


Lone worker and driver updates

Want to check a lone worker is OK, or remind a driver if they forgot to take a break?  Harry can call in for a status update, particularly if they haven't called in recently.  Setup timers and escalation events.



Timesheets coming in late or inaccurate?  Harry simplifies form-filling with one quick call.  If the daily timesheet is empty, Harry can call to remind you at the end of the day.  All done in less than a minute.


Instant document access

Need a document but you don't want to go hunting for it on a small screen, wading through the corporate network? Harry can securely send documents and other files to your device immediately.


Voice daily diary

Remember the commitment you needed to follow up on?  Or that end of day update?  Call Harry to record it instantly.  Harry can also add in an end of day reminder call, if you forget.


Smart texts and messaging

Want to send a quick group text to all on-site electricians?  Or send a note to the site manager, who has switched over?  Harry helps get the message to the right person or group with just a few words.


Connect to two-way radio

Using a mixture of phone and two-way radio on site?  Harry can interface into most digital radio systems.  Select a spare channel and put Harry on the other end. 


Call-in voice reminders

Need to remember something down the track?  Ask Harry to call or SMS you back with the reminder.  Tell Harry the date and time, the rest is over to Harry to worry about.


More connected services

Harry connects to your systems and data sources.  From IoT sensors, to corporate databases, Harry brings real-time insights, pulling from a wide range of data sources and connected services. 


Release Forms

Ask Harry can call or send a release form smart link to any mobile phone.  One tap and you are speaking to Harry, listening to the terms. The final form is then sent to relevant parties.


Ask Harry simplifies timesheets one quick call.  And if you've forgotten to fill it in, Harry can call to remind you at the end of your day.  All done in less than a minute.

Hazard Reports

Report a hazard or incident five faster than typing on a small keyboard.  Capture the hazard immediately as it is seen with one quick phone or a two-radio call to Ask Harry.

We build voice-based services designed to match your industry needs.  Services to reduce on-site risks and increase productivity.


Our Focus Areas


Construction and mining

Our voice-based assistant provides on-site workers with a hands-free, voice-activated way to stay safe on the job. Ask questions, get directions, access safety information and upload reports without ever having to take your eyes off the task.  Or use conversational AI to find equipment or locate workers in an emergency.


Government services

Ask Harry automates the intelligence-gathering and situation-reporting activities performed day to day activity and emergency events. Our voice-activated AI assistant integrates dynamic information from real-time updates with background static data to provide a clear information view.


Logistics and transport

Harry, will quickly answer your important questions about the movement of forklifts and cherry pickers, inventory, assets, fleet, stock and personnel, with the ease of a phone call or two-way radio conversation. Such rapid access to information can help businesses to speed up their operations and improve their customer service.

Harry has all the answers

Got a question? Need more information? Ask Harry has all the answers. No clunky database searches, no scrappy paperwork, no time wasted. Ask Harry gives you clear, concise, real-time data that’s accessible on the go, so you can keep communication flowing and productivity rolling.

Using nothing but simple voice commands, entire workforces are connected and given instant access to critical business information. Harry can also translate critical information into more than 30 different languages. This creates a more inclusive, accessible experience for your workforce and significantly reduces the risk of expensive misunderstandings.

Want to learn more about our technology?

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Contact Tracing System

Navigate California’s non-emergency COVID regulations with Contact Harald

Worried about meeting California’s new COVID regulations? Tired of tracking every new Covid rule and regulation? Searching for an easier way to roll your IIPP? Want compliance, without all the ongoing confusion? Contact Harald can help.

Find Harry

Voice-enabled location services

Find Harry's is a market leader in utilising voice-enabled location technology to track assets, stock, and personnel, providing real-time updates through AI-powered voice assistants. The process can be initiated with a simple phone or radio call.


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