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Contact Harald has a suite of AI and location technology solutions designed for the workplace.

Suitable across a wide range of industries, use Harry to find and locate via a visual dashboard and connect to your team via voice-based AI technology.


Understand what’s happening in your mine using voice-based AI and location technologies

Ensuring the safety of workers and enhancing productivity is critical. A digital assistant powered by conversational AI such as Ask Harry can help achieve both objectives, with one phone call.

Using two-way radio, miners can receive safety information and ask questions to get clarification, in multiple languages.

Ask Harry can improve productivity by providing miners with real-time updates on their work tasks. Also, Harry can access vital safety information and upload hazard reports faster and easier than traditional paper methods or typing into a device.

Find Harry can help to improve safety and efficiency by providing a clear picture of the location of workers, fleet and assets.

In the case of lone workers or remote crews, alerts can be triggered in fall scenarios with their location quickly pinpointed for early responders. In addition, mines can avoid costly delays and disruptions by managing fleet movements in real-time.

In inventory management, if a critical component needs replacing, Find Harry can help to locate the nearest spare part to speed up repairs and reduce machine downtime.


Enhanced communication, safety and productivity site-wide

Ask Harry

Our digital assistant, Ask Harry, provides construction workers with a hands-free, voice-activated way to stay safe on the job.

With Ask Harry, workers can ask questions, get directions, access safety information and upload reports, without ever having to take their eyes off the task.

In addition, the conversational AI that powers Ask Harry can help onsite teams communicate effectively, with multiple language and translation abilities.

Find Harry

The technology that underpins Find Harry tracks objects and locates personnel. The data is used to create digital maps of the construction site, showing the location of workers, equipment, and materials.

Should an accident occur, Find Harry can help emergency responders locate the injured person and provide them with the help they need. This system can also monitor worker activity and compliance with safety procedures.

Waste management

Know where your fleet and assets are and enhance efficiency

Ask Harry

Harnessing the information provided by Find Harry, our intelligent assistant Find Harry, will quickly answer your important questions about the fleet's location or specific assets, with the ease of a phone call or two-way radio conversation.

Find Harry

Always know the location of your assets and eliminate the need to perform manual searches. In addition, you'll have valuable data on the usage of your bins and the routes used by your fleet, allowing you to optimise utilisation and enhance the bottom line.

Skip bin and fleet location tracking with Find Harry can help you save time and resources while ensuring that your assets are always visible.


Improve the efficiency of operations and create a safer working environment

Ask Harry

Harry, will quickly answer your important questions about the movement of forklifts and cherry pickers, inventory, assets, fleet, stock and personnel, with the ease of a phone call or two-way radio conversation. Such rapid access to information can help businesses to speed up their operations and improve their customer service.

Find Harry

Find Harry's network of sensors are deployed to track the location of assets, fleet, stock and personnel, providing up-to-date information.

With Find Harry, you'll be able to plan routes more efficiently, ensuring that goods arrive at their destination on schedule. Find Harry can help improve workplace safety by providing data on the movements of forklifts and other machinery, creating safe work zones and avoiding collisions.


Keep your workforce, assets and visitors safe

Ask Harry

Reliably locate your security team at a moment's notice, ensure legal compliance during daily patrols, and respond rapidly to security incidents, asset theft or emergencies with the ease of a phone call or two-way radio burst.

Ask Harry is the intelligent digital assistant you need to help keep your business safe.

Find Harry

Using Find Harry's fixed and mobile sensor network, you can locate your team at a moment's notice, ensure compliance during daily patrols, or respond rapidly to incidents or emergencies.

If your security needs extend beyond personnel and guests, Find Harry can also pinpoint the whereabouts of equipment and assets 24hrs a day.

Film and TV

Every minute counts on big productions

Ask Harry

In an industry where time is money, our technology helps to give TV and film crews a critical edge. With a simple phone call to Ask Harry, you'll instantly connect calls to the correct on-set crew, send messages to groups, or access the latest call sheets.

By streamlining communication channels, Ask Harry keeps TV and film productions on schedule and budget.

Find Harry

For TV and film productions, every moment counts, so it's essential to have a handle on the whereabouts of all your equipment.

Location tracking with Find Harry helps ensure your equipment is where it should be before the shooting starts, enabling crews focus on what matters: delivering a great show or shoot.

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