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Access every business asset, see every emerging opportunity - with just a few words

Find Harry with voice connects you and your workforce to every movement, team member and piece of machinery on and off site. So you can catch potential issues and explore emerging opportunities as soon as they show up.

Hear how Harry rapidly locates an item using voice-based intelligent automation:

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Find Harry - Locate with voice

Optimise business performance

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your operation with Find Harry with voice.

  • Track movement over time to identify patterns and streamline operations.

  • Access reliable data on the fly - for better business-decision making.

  • Locate your workforce and deploy your teams as effectively as possible.

  • Identify risks ahead of time - minimise downtime and costly delays.

Enhance workplace safety

Use the power of intelligent automationand voice to pinpoint where your personnel and teams are at a moment's notice.

  • Quickly identify who’s missing from meet-up points in the event of an emergency.

  • Monitor personnel in high-risk environments and immediately react to an incident.

  • Alert personnel to take action when near a potential hazard.

  • Analyse trends to help identify, assess and control future hazards.

  • Spot red flag areas with repeated zone breaches.

Rapid roll call during emergency evacuations

Harry’s dedicated emergency roll call and mustering platform tracks and manages the location of your people (including site visitors) during emergency situations and unforeseen accidents such as fires, floods, chemical spills or natural disasters. 

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Find Harry - Emergency mustering and roll call

Emergency management made easy

  • Immediately identify missing personnel from assembly or roll call.

  • Find the exact location of those not present.

  • Alert emergency services to team members who are trapped or in danger.

  • Move entire teams to safety with total clarity.

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An added layer of security

Harry’s emergency roll call and mustering system gives workers in high-risk environments peace of mind. Teams in underground or confined areas, those working at height or other hazardous environments can work with confidence knowing their location is monitored and their welfare is on the radar at all times.

Deeper business insights

Onsite safety

Use Harry to check-in and check-out from key locations. Gateways are used to log who has come into a zone and who has left the zone.  If there’s an event, Harry learns in real-time to inform and identify potential risks and efficiencies in the future.

Asset tracking

Finding assets and equipment in large complexes can be a daunting task. Harry helps you find assets, equipment and gear, without the need for expensive, complicated infrastructure.

Locate with voice-based AI

Find Harry

Access every business asset, see every emerging opportunity - with just a few words

Imagine you could locate every asset, person and piece of machinery across your organisation in seconds. Now imagine doing it using only your voice.

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Location services meet AI assistance

Find Harry works together with Ask Harry AI Assistance to elevate your voice-powered capabilities.


With Ask Harry and Find Harry, your voice becomes your direct line to every piece of data and location intelligence - across every area of your business.

Know where, know when

When you need to know what, when and where, Find Harry with voice gives you a birds-eye-view of your operation.

​Want to:

  • Pinpoint tools, vehicles, equipment or inventory?

  • Identify new prospects and possibilities - as soon as they arise?

  • Discover workplace patterns that allow you to stay one step ahead at all times?

Just say the word.

Radio Harry

Ask Harry on the two-way radio for the latest site update whether you are underground or travelling, simply ask for a site plan or to connect you to a lead on site. With one source of truth, Harry simplifies access to the right information immediately. Harry solves language obstacles with advanced speech processing technology, giving your teams greater levels of communication and collaboration. Say or write a message in English, Harry will translate it into one of the many supported languages.

Call Harry

Ask Harry on the phone to easy access to the latest on-site information can mean the difference between a task running smoothly or disaster. Minimise the time spent on compliance requirements and form-filling. Remove the pain of illegible handwriting, misplaced forms or long typed out messages. Ask Harry can instantly fill in a hazard report, log a call, or a lodge a near miss. Using voice is 3x faster than text input, it removes the barriers of apps. No apps to download or update.


Accurate and reliable emergency roll call and mustering is critical for safety and certainty across a range of working industries. Whether your business operates across large areas, in high-risk environments or simply experiences varying levels of foot traffic, you need to know who’s where when an emergency occurs.

With a scalable, fit-for-purpose design, Find Harry can be implemented quickly and easily into a diverse number of industries including mining, construction, warehousing & logistics, manufacturing and offices.

Benefits to your business

Rapid, flexible and scalable

From small warehouses to centralised, multi-site solutions, we can deploy our technology rapidly with minimal disruption. As your needs grow, we can quickly scale up to accommodate additional sites, an expanded fleet or a growing workforce.

Increase productivity

Complete visibility of your fleet, assets and people means precise information for better better decision making, spotting issues before they happen. Divert deliveries or reallocate your workforce to help optimise workflows, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Positive returns

Harry gives you the 'big-picture', identifying ways to remove bottlenecks, optimise workflows and cut overheads. New efficiencies gained can quickly deliver a positive ROI.

Deploy at speed

Our team will work with you to find a solution that is the right fit for your current needs, yet planned for your future expansion.  As you expand, we can move quickly to accommodate your new requirements.

Everyone and everything accounted for in an instant

Find Harry - Location meets voice-powered intelligent automation.

Find Harry is your direct line to every piece of location and logistical data from  across your operation.

Interested? Let’s chat

Demos, questions, no problem - we’d love to help.

Locate with voice-based intelligent automation

Industry’s first voice-powered location tool.

Imagine you could locate every asset, person and piece of machinery across your organisation in seconds. Now imagine doing it using only your voice.

Emergency mustering and roll call

Emergency situations call for real-time information. Harry gives you the exact location of every team member and site visitor in the event of an evacuation or emergency roll call.

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