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Get the big picture

See your business from a new perspective, de-risk and enhance productivity with Find Harry Location Services.

Find Harry helps you identify issues and bottlenecks before they become an issue,  streamlining your processes.

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How Find Harry helps enhance your operation
Optimise business performance

Find Harry gives you a birdseye view of your operation. Pinpoint the location of equipment, inventory or personnel. With our user-friendly, visual dashboard, you can instantly:

Make informed decisions on the fly with reliable data instead of second-hand information.
Locate your people and deploy your teams more effectively.
Reduce downtime and optimise production.
Enhance workplace safety

Know where your personnel and teams are at a moment's notice, improve safety processes and decrease the likelihood of an incident.

Monitor personnel in high-risk environments and immediately react to an incident such as a collision or fall.
Alert personnel to take action when near a potential hazard.
Analyse trends to help identify, assess and control future hazards.
Deeper business insights
Onsite safety

Find Harry safeguards your team members to improve improve onsite safety, reducing the time needed to mobilise, evacuate or begin a rescue operation.  

Fleet tracking

Use a GPS tracker and track your fleet to improve trip efficiencies and fleet utilisation.

Vehicles equipped with GPS and indoor trackers transmit a signal to identify their location in your facility or across the country.

Asset tracking

Locate assets, mobile plant equipment or packages using indoor and outdoor tracking devices.  

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The benefits of having Find Harry working for your business
Rapid, flexible and scalable

From small warehouses to centralised, multi-site solutions, we can deploy our technology rapidly with minimal disruption. As your needs grow, we can quickly scale up to accommodate additional sites, an expanded fleet or a growing workforce.

Positive returns

Find Harry gives you the 'big-picture', identifying ways to remove bottlenecks, optimise workflows and cut overheads. New efficiencies gained can quickly deliver a positive ROI.

Increase productivity

Complete visibility of your fleet, assets and people means precise information for better better decision making, spotting issues before they happen. Divert deliveries or reallocate your workforce to help optimise workflows, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Deploy at speed

Our team will work with you to find a solution that is the right fit for your current needs, yet planned for your future expansion.  As you expand, we can move quickly to accommodate your new requirements.

Industry specific solutions

Our range of location-based services is customised to fit your most challenging business demands.

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Harry's fixed asset tags ensure you always know the location of tools, mobile plant and equipment. In the case of wearables, Harry will provide proximity danger alerts and locate personnel in times of emergency.


Trace the movement of forklifts and cherry pickers in real- time. Track the arrival of goods, optimise routes, reduce overheads and ensure your workforce stays safer. 

Mining and Heavy Equipment

Unlock opportunities to optimise load and haul operations with real-time location tracking. Provide proximity danger alerts and locate personnel in times of emergency.


In the entertainment industry every moment counts. Track the movement of goods and equipment in real- time. Location tracking helps ensure that your equipment is where it should be, right before shooting starts. 


Using our easy to navigate dashboard, effectively manage equipment location and availability. Analyse time spent with patients or aged care residents, across single or multiple facilities, to help you improve efficiency and staff availability. 


Locate your team at a moment's notice, ensure compliance during daily patrols, respond rapidly to incidents or emergencies. 

Innovate with our team

Our team has delivered innovative tracking solutions for over a decade. We were the first to squeeze battery-powered Bluetooth technology inside a credit card, and we constantly seek new ways to innovate to help provide solutions for you.

Smart and robust technology

Find Harry uses hardware and software based on Bluetooth technology to create a big-picture view of your operation. Visualise all your data through maps, dashboards, or heatmaps.

Find Harry hardware

Find Harry uses Bluetooth transmitters (tags) working with Bluetooth receivers (locators) to find the exact position of assets and people.

Find Harry software

Find Harry maps locations onto a floorplan. Movement in and out of a zone can send alerts, messages or connect to your system via an API.

Ask Harry

Ask Harry is our voice-powered intelligent assistant, which integrates seamlessly with our Find Harry technology. Ask us for more information on how this works.

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