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Time is money,

Find Harry saves both

Using a unique and powerful combination of voice and AI, Find Harry connects you to every physical element of your business - in seconds. 

No more time wasted searching, no more costly delays. 
Hear Harry in action:

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Find Harry - Locate with voice



Find Harry is the only location service that incorporates the ease of voice. Built with a growing list of languages and the ability to understand industry jargon and accents, Find Harry enables complete voice accessibility.


Flexible and scalable

Built for every size and style of business, Find Harry works around your flow and systems. Harry grows and scales as you do.


Precise data, delivered on command

Forget old, outdated, vague and unreliable GPS tools. Say hello to precise and on point location data, delivered on your command.


Learns on the go

Every event, command and experience enables Harry to grow - meaning your location data gets smarter with every use.

Know where, know when

When you need to know what, when and where, Find Harry With Voice gives you a birds-eye-view of your operation.

​Want to:

  • Pinpoint tools, vehicles, equipment or inventory?

  • Identify new prospects and possibilities - as soon as they arise?

  • Discover workplace patterns that allow you to stay one step ahead at all times?

Just say the word.

Optimise business performance

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your operation with Find Harry with Voice.

  • Track movement over time to identify patterns and streamline operations.

  • Access reliable data on the fly - for better business decision making.
    Locate your workforce and deploy your teams as effectively as possible.

  • Identify risks ahead of time - minimise downtime and costly delays.

Enhance workplace safety

Use the power of AI and voice to pinpoint where your personnel and teams are at a moment's notice.

  • Quickly identify who’s missing from meet-up points in the event of an emergency.

  • Monitor personnel in high-risk environments and immediately react to an incident.

  • Alert personnel to take action when near a potential hazard.

  • Analyse trends to help identify, assess and control future hazards.

  • Spot red flag areas with repeated zone breaches.

Voice intelligence for your industry

Our range of location-based services is customised to fit your most challenging business demands.

  • Construction

  • Warehousing

  • Mining and heavy equipment

  • Entertainment

  • Healthcare

  • Security

Ready to tap into voice-powered AI?

Request a demo or ask a question, we’re here to help.

Deeper business insights

Proactive site safety

Use Harry to check-in and check-out from key locations. Gateways are used to log who has come into a zone and who has left the zone. If there’s an event, Harry learns in real-time to inform and identify potential risks and efficiencies in the future.

Asset tracking

Find Harry with Voice connects with your fleet so you can track when high-value goods are loaded in, in transit and loaded off. Our long battery life products help keep maintenance costs down.

Say it, locate it

Industry’s first voice-powered location tool.

Find Harry is your direct line to every piece of location and logistical data from across your operation.

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