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Procore now works

with your voice

Harry is like having your own personal assistant built right into Procore. Harry can instantly fill in forms, look up information and connect your calls, saving you time and money. Harry uses AI to create a conversation, making everyday Procore operations up to five times faster .

ⁱ Standford study on voice vs keyboard. English input rate was 3.0x faster than a state-of-the-art miniature smartphone keyboard. When factoring in logging on to the app, navigating through the system on a small screen, slow typing and non-English users, this can jump up to 5.0x faster.

Voice-based AI Assistant

Intelligent voice
Always stay connected

Ask Harry is a voice-powered intelligent assistant, it connects you to your teams and critical business information with a simple call to Harry.


Ask Harry to find, locate or connect, using English, or in one of many languages. Ask Harry takes voice communication to the next level. No complex systems or training needed.

Open up to more of your team

Optionally add instant access for non-registered Procore users, providing immediate reporting with just a phone number. No training required.

Be more language and technology inclusive

Harry works in dozens of languages, helping capture important information from all on-site workers, regardless of their technical or language abiliy.

Instantly connect calls

Connect to the right team members at the right time with voice commands. Send a message, setup a group call or simply connect to the correct on-shift person. "Hey Harry, send a message to on on-site electricians"

Access processes, procedures and documents instantly

Ask Harry to send a smart link the correct document right to your phone. "Hi Harry, send me plans for level 7"

Use technology to innovate and streamline processes

Stay ahead in a competitive landscape and tight margins, using AI technology to speed up the work process.

Learn more

See our FAQs page or speak to us directly.

Harry and Procore work in tandem to deliver the best user experience

Gain richer data insights

During a busy week, getting your team to fill in forms can be a challenge. Harry speeds up and simplifies the process using voice to create a human-like experiences, more natural interface to data that matters.


Ask for more detail
Just like a person might ask for more information, Harry can prompt for the detail, if for example the user has only given a two word answer.

Use Harry AI to summarise
Harry help summarise long descriptions into action bullets, helping to understand key outcomes.

Escalate when needed
Use Harry's triggers to escalate or request to escalate when an important threshold is reached. For example, prompt to automatically call the supervisor is an incident is marked as high priority.

Want to learn more about our technology?

Request a demo or ask a question. We're here to help.

With Harry you can:

• Call to file an incident report with one quick phone call
• Create an observation adding better detail than small keyboard typing
• Add a diary entry reducing the administrative workload on your team.

and more.

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