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Ask Harry

Voice AI assistant

Ask Harry is a voice-powered intelligent assistant, it connects using AI and voice to find information, report or update information, and connect calls and messages. It is designed to simplify communication, find information and increase on-site safety.

Find Harry

Location meets voice-powered AI

Find Harry is your direct line to every piece of location and logistical data from  across your operation.

Contact Tracing

Keep your team safe, business compliant, & productivity rolling

Need to keep your team working? Ready to get productivity rolling? Tackle safety, security and compliance head on with tech and team support you can rely on.

AI Automation and workflow

Our products sit on top of a common platform, connecting your business, your teams, and your data through the power of voice and technology.

Our Australian engineering and design teams take products from inception to integrated hardware, voice, and AI solution delivery. This integrated design approach tightly couples the entire experience, delivering better, more human technology solutions.

For the past decade, our products have concentrated on emerging IoT and tracking technologies and, more recently, voice-based and AI technologies. Today our human-centred design combines voice, AI, and IoT systems to improve your teams’ experiences while delivering more profound, meaningful insights.

Powerful products for every business

Voice-based intelligent assistant

Voice-powered location intelligent assistant

Keep your team safe, business compliant, & productivity rolling

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