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Partner with Ask Harry

Technology partner​

Create an integration with Ask Harry using your API. Broaden your ecosystem and reach a wider client base.

Connected with leading cloud software.

Technology partners

Build an integration with Ask Harry to expand your audience and provide more value to your customers.

More about Ask Harry

Intelligent assistance with voice reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Intelligent assistance with voice means no more paperwork. AI with voice is a digital-native, built in the cloud, real-time information capture with added functions such as photo capture and error checking

Intelligent assistance with voice cut costs. Ask Harry enables more efficient collection of reports and information from data collection devices. This makes it easier to drive productivity and create a leaner, more efficient mining operation overall.

Intelligent assistance with voice improves safety. Workers in mines are more likely to report and capture incidents and hazards with the Ask Harry AI assistant.

Better fuel efficiency. Ask Harry’s pre-start checks and risk assessments eliminate the guesswork in the proper use of mining equipment and heavy machinery. This improves fuel efficiency, and results in less downtime due to maintenance.

Improved communication. Communication between stakeholders, executives, and the workers themselves leads to more efficient, better connected mines as a whole.


Why integrate with Ask Harry?

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your system, making it simple for your clients to access the power of voice with AI. 

Once you've become a technology partner, we’ll promote our integration as part of our ecosystem.

Why choose Ask Harry?

Our tech’s power, simplicity, and mobility has been used and trusted by governments and companies around the world — they are our greatest advocates. With Ask Harry, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re making life easier for your teams and helping them be safer and more productive.

Want to learn more about Intelligent Assistance with voice?

Request a demo or ask a question. We're here to help.

Technology partner

Become a technology partner in a few short steps. 

Step 1 - Contact us

Click here to email us, use our contact form or call us.

Step 2 - Getting started

Work with our team to integrate your technology solution with our platform.

Step 3 - Point of contact

Provide a point of contact for any support required to implement. Done!

Let’s make an impact together

Partners - connect and collaborate with Ask Harry in a way that works for you. 

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