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Contact Tracing System

Keep your team safe, business compliant, & productivity rolling

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Contact tracing system
Wireless wearables

Fast, functional and future-focussed contact tracing for every industry. Built for safety, designed to protect, Contact Harald offers a stand alone solution for your organisation.

Our key features
Simple setup
Quick registration
Next level security
Easy integration
Real time alerts
Central database
Remote access
Contact tracing card features
Contact tracing card
Gateway features
Beacon features
Digital Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)

Integrated digital testing

Fast, precise, prevention and protection integrated into your workplace. Our Digital Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) work hand-in-hand with our Contact Tracing Cards to keep your team safe and your business running.

Our key features
One central system
Rapid processing
TGA approved
High sensitivity
A complete solution
Digital RAT features

How our contact tracing system works

Getting started with Contact Harald is easy. Explore your options, choose your system, set-up and go.

Experience what’s possible with our guided virtual demo.

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Choose a system to meet the unique demands of your business or organisation.

No complicated set-up required. Get started with cards for your people, an iPad and your secure login.

Contact Harald easily integrates into your existing system via:

Direct import
Using our purpose built API
Or, our Australian engineering team can create a custom solution for you

Know when, know where and know who when the risk of outbreak presents.

One central system

Easily monitor and manage social distancing and identify breaches within the workforce. Pinpoint interactions between staff and implement custom settings specific to your business or organisation.

Simple interface & data control

Every piece of data is safely stored on your personal dashboard so you can access info on contact distance, duration and occurrence with just a few clicks.

Swift, safe, secure response when outbreaks occur.

Advanced team safety and efficiency

React to cases easily and efficiently with minimal disruption to your business and maximum safety for your people. In the event of a positive case, our real time response protocol enables quick communication across your entire team. Contact Harald delivers COVID-19 exposure reporting and automatic SMS alerts / emails to every exposed contact.

How our contact tracing system works

Getting started with Contact Harald is easy. Explore your options, choose your system, set-up and go.

1. Book a demo
2. Choose your system
3. Set-up
4. Monitor & report
5. Take action

Privacy and security

Trusted by governments and organisations around the world

Contact Harald is trusted by companies, governments and organisations around the globe. With close to 1 million cards and devices in circulation (and counting) our people and proximity systems cover industries such as mining, construction, healthcare, education, tourism and hospitality.

Advanced security, powered by bluetooth technology

Rolling encryptions protect the privacy of your people and the security of sensitive company data. Update your settings to match the latest legal and policy requirements and best practice for your industry or business sector.

Privacy preserving registration and data upload for every category of worker, guest and visitor

An authorised user(s) of your choice may access data via a secure, cloud-based encrypted database. Since no personal data is ever stored on the Contact Harald card itself, privacy is protected at all times.

Privacy and security

Built in privacy

Protection in the palm of your hand

No fuss and comfortable to wear, this lightweight but powerful card delivers advanced Bluetooth® technology.

Bluetooth® 5.0 Technology

Water and dust-proof housing, IP65 rating

Size: 86 x 54 x 4mm

Card Weight: 18.0g

Battery: 3v, 1pc, 800mAh, LiMnO2

Battery life 9+ months depending on usage

Safety certainty for busy teams

Believers in Bluetooth®

When protection and productivity are paramount, our wireless tech keeps you moving.

Our suite of products provides easy, effective and efficient solutions for the evolving workplace.

Our specialist team understands that Bluetooth® is more than just a way to wireless. Bluetooth® technology powers the solutions that address existing and future business and consumer needs.

At Contact Harald we focus on these needs to deliver products and systems that support you now and into the future.

Connect to what matters with Bluetooth® technology that promotes safety and preserves privacy.

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