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  • Once you’ve downloaded the Ask Harry connector, book a short demo with us and we will walk you through the Ask Harry experience.  Once your team agrees on the features to activate, we will send you a proposal with pricing.  We set you up with your own private number, and Procore now works with your voice.

  • A voice-based intelligent automation assistant is a software platform that uses a number of different technology services and machine learning (ML) technology to understand, interpret, and respond to spoken language. It allows users to interact with an application or perform tasks using voice commands, making it an intuitive and hands-free solution.

  • Intelligent automation can enhance their safety greatly in several industries where employees perform hazardous tasks or operate in unsafe environments. Lone worker check-ins, detailed hazard and incident reports and easy access to Critical Control documents are just a few words away. Ask Harry's voice-based intelligent automation hands-free operation adds an extra layer of safety.

  • The tasks Ask Harry's voice-based intelligent automation assistant can automate depends on your business needs and workflows. Common tasks our clients use include setting reminders, scheduling meetings, compiling hazard and incident reports, and sourcing documents such as Critical Controls from systems and databases. All completed with a simple, quick call. The intelligent automation learning capabilities allow it to adapt and learn over time, so it can handle increasingly complex tasks as it evolves.

  • Our voice-based intelligent automation assistant is built for business, using machine learning algorithms and additional data, such as industry jargon and phrases, to improve over time through continuous interaction and feedback.

  • Yes. Ask Harry, our voice-based intelligent automation assistant, is designed to understand various accents and over 38 languages. We're constantly improving its language capabilities to cater to a broader, more diverse user base.

  • It depends on the number of features you subscribe to.  Generally speaking, Ask Harry is time charged for the minutes you use.  Add unlimited users with no additional license fee.


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