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Find your people - no time lost

Fires, floods, chemical spills and natural disasters - can all take place in the workplace. In the event of an emergency Find Harry allows you to rapidly run through a full roll call, track employees and visitors to ensure they’ve reached safety, and locate and identify missing workers - minimising loss of time.

Find Harry - Mustering roll call

Flexible and scalable

Built for every size and style of business, Find Harry emergency roll call and mustering is unobtrusive, works with your existing systems and grows with you. There’s no limit to the number of team members or to the size of your workplace - it is totally flexible and scalable.

Location data, delivered right when you need it

Find Harry delivers on-site or off-site information, including names and last reported location of missing personnel.  Provide first responders with all the information they need to ensure the safe evacuation of all.

Know where, know when

With Harry you can:

  • Count personnel at assembly areas and quickly identify who is missing.

  • Know exactly where your employees, visitor and contractors are in the case of emergency.

  • Automatically sync all data for easy reporting.

Step 1

Each worker and site visitor is given an unobtrusive wearable device. Registration is fast and contactless.

Step 2

Gateways are placed at entry and exits. As workers pass through, their direction of travel is logged.

Step 3

In the case of an emergency or safety evacuation a roll-call is conducted to identify missing personnel and enable easy reporting.

How it works

Are you emergency ready?

Harry can help. Request a demo or ask a question.

Key focus areas


In the case of an emergency Harry enables rapid roll call and location of personnel. Easily account for every person at your muster point or assembly area and identify missing team members or those at risk.


In the same way as mining, Find Harry provides construction teams the location of personnel in times of emergency - giving  you certainty around team safety. 

Warehousing & Logistics

In times of chaos, Find Harry gives warehousing and logistics teams total clarity. Know the whereabouts of every team member or site visitor and roll out your emergency mustering protocol with ease and absolute certainty.


Know the whereabouts of your entire manufacturing team in emergency situations. Find Harry gives you visuals on who’s arrived at your muster point or assembly area and enables rapid location of missing personnel.


Find out who’s in the safe zone and who isn’t - in seconds. In an emergency situation you need to account for every single person on site. Find Harry confirms who’s arrived to emergency muster points and assembly areas and who’s at risk, giving you critical information to pass onto first responders.

Emergency roll call mustering

Find Harry gives you emergency roll call and evacuation tracking, delivered in seconds. Identify who’s on or off site, conduct team headcounts and move as rapidly as possible in an emergency situation.

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