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What is it costing your business
by not using AI to optimize your team?

Built for business voice-based AI technology works in noisy, difficult industrial and corporate environments, hearing and understanding industry jargon to deliver exceptional results, while integrating with your current workflow and technology, removing the need for complicated training or coding.

Ask Harry, report it, job done.

Trusted globally, 2 billion+ Contact Harald interactions logged worldwide

One conversation, done.

Our AI voice technology understands industry jargon and works well in noisy environments. It integrates quickly with your current technology and workflow, and there’s no need for complex training or integration.

With Ask Harry AI, in less than a minute, you can:

  • Send hazard reports

  • Report defects

  • Request critical information

All of this with a simple call on your own Harry number or two-way radio.

A quickest way to file a hazard report with only a simple phone call.

Radio Harry

Ask Harry on the two-way radio for the latest site update whether you are underground or travelling, simply ask for a site plan or to connect you to a lead on site. With one source of truth, Harry simplifies access to the right information immediately. Harry solves language obstacles with advanced speech processing technology, giving your teams greater levels of communication and collaboration. Say or write a message in English, Harry will translate it into one of the many supported languages.

Call Harry

Ask Harry on the phone to easy access to the latest on-site information can mean the difference between a task running smoothly or disaster. Minimise the time spent on compliance requirements and form-filling. Remove the pain of illegible handwriting, misplaced forms or long typed out messages. Ask Harry can instantly fill in a hazard report, log a call, or a lodge a near miss. Using voice is 3x faster than text input, it removes the barriers of apps. No apps to download or update.

Fill out the form to request a no obligation Ask Harry demo.

Ask Harry, get the job done.

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