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Welcome to Harry Trial

Call up to quickly report a Hazard, a Take-5 or an Observation.  No more forms or typing. 


Harry (or Harriet) will guide you – nothing to remember or learn.  Speak clearly and take your time, Harry does the rest.

Take 5

Harry understands you, however you say it:

  • I want to complete a take 5

  • Take 5

  • Do a take 5

Voice-based AI Assistant

Intelligent voice
Always stay connected

Ask Harry is a voice-powered intelligent assistant, it connects you to your teams and critical business information with a simple call to Harry.


Ask Harry to find, locate or connect, using English, or in one of many languages. Ask Harry takes voice communication to the next level. No complex systems or training needed.

Watch Hazard Report video

Report a hazard or incident up to five times faster than typing on a small keyboard*.  Capture the hazard as soon as it is seen with one quick phone or two-way radio call to Ask Harry.

Want to learn more about our technology?

Request a demo or ask a question. We're here to help.

Task Observation

Harry understands you, however you say it:

  • I’d like to complete a Task Observation

  • Submit an Observation

  • or Just Task Observation or Observation

Hazard Report

Harry understands you, however you say it:

  • I’d like to complete a Hazard Report

  • Submit a Hazard

  • or just Hazard Report or Hazard


  • Answer

  • Answer

  • Answer

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