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Integrating voice-first AI in mining operations

Ask Harry can report a defect by voice call

Enhancing safety and efficiency 

Clumsy typing, tapping and clicking mixed with scrappy handwriting that’s penned on-the-go is a recipe for miscommunication and error.

Historically, heavy industries such as mining, have relied on these forms of communication to connect their teams and get the job done. 

But, with an increased pressure on efficiency and performance, and a need to improve safety standards higher than ever before, traditional methods of communication are becoming more and more problematic. 

That’s where voice-first AI technology comes in. With agile, precise, performance-driven systems that streamline communication across sites of all sizes, voice-first promises a safer and more efficient way of running business than ever before.

What is voice-first AI?

Voice-first removes the need for manual input and replaces it with natural voice commands that can be delivered and actioned on the go. 

The systems that enable voice-first are designed to recognise, interpret, and respond to human voice. They understand accents, foreign languages, slang and will respond in an intuitive and immediate manner.

Unlike other less advanced technologies, voice-first AI doesn’t rely on a set of predetermined commands and actions. Rather, voice-first AI systems like Ask Harry support natural language, can interpret words, decode their true context and intent, and take action. This all happens within seconds. 

Integrating voice-first AI into mining operations

Currently, the mining industry faces a number of challenges every day. These include rising costs, strict regulations, on-site safety risks and a constant push for higher efficiency and productivity. 

Contact Harald Chief Financial Officer, Nick O’Halloran says while voice-first AI can offer support across almost every area of mining operations, it’s perfectly placed to support and enhance safety and efficiency.

“At their core, voice-first systems like Ask Harry enable a simpler, safer, faster way of operating. This ticks every box when we look at the primary objectives of mining operations,” Nick said. 

“Voice-first can even integrate with existing site infrastructure, workflow and technology. This removes the need for complicated team training or costly coding and upgrades. This is crucial for any site that wants to uplevel without interrupting day-to-day operations,” he said. 

Ask Harry can file a hazard report through voice

How voice-first enhances safety in mining

Voice-first speeds up hazard and incident reporting, reduces hand-over gaps and enhances safety decision-making. The technology is designed to work in noisy, industrial and complex working environments. Systems like Ask Harry also have specialised understanding of mining industry jargon and phrasing which enables easy and accurate interactions. 

Voice-first offers:

  • Real time hazard or incident reporting. (5 x times faster than keyword reporting).

  • Increased support and safety for lone workers through check-ins, team to team information sharing, and team/ employee connection.

  • Reliable, team wide connection and communication via phone or walkie talkie - no matter how remote or deep underground a worker is.

  • Data-driven insights and analytics for progress tracking, trend monitoring and strategic development that facilitates improved health and safety in the workplace. 

“This form of AI is perfectly placed to support and enhance the safety and efficiency of mining sites.” Nick said.

An easy way to up-level efficiency 

With voice-first, mining operations get:

  • Instant access to documents, templates and critical updates / information.

  • In-the-moment data and analytics that enable second-to-second progress tracking.

  • An enhanced and more accessible method of communication and collaboration.

  • Hands-free reporting, reminder setting and meeting scheduling for teams on the move.

  • Intelligent, automated assistance that learns and adapts over time allowing for increasingly complex task support as it evolves.

A voice-first future in mining

As with any new or emerging technologies, the biggest opportunities exist for industry leaders who are at the forefront of change. When it comes to the expanding possibilities of voice-first in the mining sector, Ask Harry is proud to be a core leader and innovator in the space and a facilitator of safer, more efficient workplaces. 

For mining operations yet to integrate voice-first, the future is clear: either step into the potential now, or play catch up to everyone else later. 


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